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The International Relations Cell is responsible for administering and facilitating international academic service-engagement at Swarrnim Start & Innovation University. This department serves as a nodal point for all strategic Campus activities and engagements that are international in nature.

International Relations Cell is the face of Swarrnim Startup & Innovation University to the world outside India and is continuously working towards taking Swarrnim Startup & Innovation University to the globe. The Cell is responsible for facilitating the exchange process for outgoing students and the hospitality of the incoming students. It also works in tandem with the Student Exchange Offices of the various International Universities fostering new tie-ups towards the branding & increasing the visibility of Swarrnim Startup & Innovation University to the world.

General Information

International Relations are the study of the international political, social, cultural and economic system. You will explore the historical development of that system and gain a comprehensive understanding of the actors, institutions, and processes of international relations.

The major focus on territorial states that acknowledge no superior authority over issues vital to the national interest. You will analyze the nature of this system—the rules and forces governing the behavior of states, the factors that lead to military conflict or peaceful co-operation, and the current trends towards both a more globally integrated, and a more fragmented world.

Upcoming Exchange Programs

Global Exposure Tour Thailand, Malaysia, and Ireland


Inbound Mobility Programs

Europe calling ! Explore e-Estonia, spend a day in Finland !Enrol in EUAS Summer School today !!

Outbound Mobility Programs

Semester Exchange Program with Estonian Entrepreneurship University of Applied Science, Estonia

Outreach Activities

  • Faculty Exchange Programs
  • Invite Delegation from different countries
  • Study in India Campaign Activities

Study Abroad Desk

The mission of the Study Abroad Desk at the Swarrnim Startup & Innovation University is to uphold inclusive access, academic excellence, measurable learning outcomes, and the health and safety of our faculty, staff, and students Abroad.

Our Vision is to prepare our students for the complexity of a changing world by fostering cross-cultural competence and encouraging global citizenship. We accomplish this vision through tailoring individualized experiences beginning at the campus, extending to the region, and connecting to the global community.

Why need to study Abroad?
International education is one of the most rewarding and exhilarating experiences in a person’s life. There is so much to be gained from experiencing a new culture, facing new challenges, and opening your mind to a whole new world. International studies allow for the mixing of various cultures, cultivating a greater understanding between nations.

Seven reasons to study abroad

  • Embrace a new culture.
  • Internationally recognized degrees and qualifications.
  • Build a network of friends from around the world.
  • Excel in a professional career.
  • Get ideas re-fill that may change the world.
  • Personal development.
  • Create a lifelong memory.