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Swarrnim, Startup, Incubation Center (SSIC)

Empowering Ideas & Inspiring Innovations



Support Make in India and be the university with maximum innovative and established start-ups.



To be globally competent institution imparting education based upon the foundation of innovation and Entrepreneurship and build Entrepreneurs who can compete globally by grooming their innovative and start-up skills

  • Swarrnim Starrtup Incubation Center (SSIC) is an incubator established by Startup & Innovation University. SSIC is registered under section 8 of Companies Act, 2013. It is recognized as Nodal Institute by Govt. of Gujarat and registered as Startup India Incubator under Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion, Govt. of India (DIPP).
  • SSIC is supported by Student Start-up and Innovation Policy (SSIP) by Education Dept. of Govt. of Gujarat, Startup Innovation Policy by Industries Commissionerate (IC) by Government of Gujarat.

SSIC Objectives

  • Help students to convert ideas into opportunities through institutional support.
  • Academics and skill based programs
  • Business development strategies
  • Problem Solving Approaches
  • Funding
  • Regulatory & acceleration support
  • Facilitating exit

Communities Associations

  • Wadhwani Foundation
  • TiE Ahmedabad
  • GCCI
  • eChai
  • Techstars Google Startup Weekend
  • Headstart
  • Yi- CII (Young Indians- Confederation of Indian Industry)

SSIC Incubation Process

SSIC aims to facilitate exposure to the new ideas by providing conducive and creative environment at incubation centre. SSIC targets to support the incubated teams by supporting them with pedagogic, academics and skill based programs, business development strategies, funding, regulatory & acceleration support and facilitating exit. This will help students to convert ideas into opportunities through institutional support.

Steps for Incubation

Round 1:

Step 1

Fill up and submit an online form

Step 2

Your idea will be screened based on the details and description provided by you and you will be informed with the details of Round 2.

Round 2:

Step 3

Send us the presentations in a provided format

Step 4

If your idea is innovative and feasible then it will be selected for the further and final round.

Round 3:

Step 5

Final round will consist of group presentation

Step 6

Incubation selection will be done by committee

Committee criteria:
  • Uniqueness
  • Feasibility
  • Market Scenario and Acceptability
  • Viability of Product
  • Value Addition
  • Implementation
  • Future Aspect

Post Incubation Facilities

  • Library access
  • Co-Working Space
  • Financial Supports
  • Mentorship
  • Technical and Academic Support
  • Access to Workshops
  • Technical and Lab Support
  • Legalities