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Swarrnim Institute of Designs

About Swarrnim Institute of Designs

SWARRNIM INSTITUTE OF DESIGNS is established under the tree of SWARRNIM STARTUP & INNOVATION UNIVERSITY, AHMEDABAD/GANDHINAGR. Approved Private University established by the law of Gujarat Private University Act, 2009 (Act no. 10 of 2017), with a motto of imparting quality education in the field of design, urban planning. The Swarrnim Institute of Designs is a premier venture of the G.P.JAIN CHARITABLE TRUST under the vision of Chairman Shri Rishabh Jain. Our comprehensive programs on Architecture, Interior Design, Fashion Design, Product, Graphic & Animation and Event Management encourages students to go beyond the course curriculum and participate in design competitions, exhibitions, events, conferences, seminars, research projects and student exchange programs. We enhance student's skills with this unique blend of learning and business culture at the campus giving them the strength to thrive in the market. Swarnnim Institute of Designs was born out of the need to create an atmosphere wherein students are exposed to curriculum that is sincerely dedicated to design thinking and its application.

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Swarrnim Institute of Designs applies to a whole range of contexts, with applications in the creation and improvement of cities, buildings, transport, furniture, websites, bridges, landscapes and the environment. Through the recognition of its societal impact, it's standing as a leading platform for successful practitioners and by becoming a world-class institute for the study of design. Design is gaining importance as a fresh way of solving complex business problems and driving innovation in an Interior or Fashion designing. This designing institute is built on strong foundation of design thinking and holistic approach towards designing. This institute offers a mix of inputs on latest design methods and approaches and combines them with real life case studies and applications from the business world. The program builds the critical thinking and execution skills required in today’s worlds and prepare the learners to use design to solve real life problems faced by industry and society.

This institute aims to produce leaders for business and society who can leverage the power of Design for business value creation, positive social impact and overall economic growth. The course aims to nurture design leaders who are provided a practical knowledge of design implementation in sync with best business practices. Swarrnim Institute of Designs is committed to provide quality education in the field of various pillars of designing.

Learn design in a peaceful, inspired environment. We focus on imparting skills needed to develop a tangible product based on the requirement. Swarrnim nurtures and absorbs designers who can make a difference in today’s needs of ever evolving design. This institute offers a space where one feels a sense of belonging and responsibility, where values of empathy are nurtured by supporting fellow students and teachers itself. It aspires to be an energetic and thoughtful place where designers want to be and teachers want to teach. Swarrnim dedicates itself in grooming and nurturing individuals who understands the essence of design and its capability. In and around every learning every activity, students be our focus. All the teaching & learning techniques are designed with academic interest & participation of students.

Swarrnim Institute of Designs Vision & Mission

To offer integrated design services and cutting edge design solutions providing practice opportunities to students as well as a revenue stream to the institute.

To Provide design inputs from the point of view of using design as an integrating force in varied areas like science, technology, management etc. to raise quality of life through well designed products, services, processes, systems, etc.

Teaching Pedagogy/Methodology

As a student of Design, you'll use innovative processes to solve problems creatively and determine solutions for a productive future. You will develop knowledge and skills, and study projects within the built environment, engineering, performing and visual arts, and technology disciplines.Well-equipped design studios, site visits, field trips and personal interaction with industry practitioners will provide you exposure to face "real time obstacles". At Swarrnim Institute of Designs, studying is stimulating and completed in close cooperation with the working life by utilizing various learning experiences such as modern laboratories, lecturers and virtual learning. In order to respond to the ever changing needs of businesses and industries, we encourage our students to combine their previous experience with a new way of thinking to enable creative solutions.

The intention is to facilitate students with the dynamics of technology and skills to perceive and reconstruct the issues pertinent in a competitive environment, not limiting to only coursework and lectures. Our perspective is to develop and 're-condition' skills which enhance eye-brain-hand co-ordination, which would subsequently progress their observational, analytical and skill-base respectively.

Why Swarnnim?

At Swarrnim Institute of Designs our approach inculcates self-initiated learning and independent thinking and expands perceptual perspectives with regular interactions with design studios, production and distribution centers, community projects, model creation, retail establishments, and many more to build a vital bridge between Swarrnim and world.

We ensure that student gets graduated with enriched knowledge and experiences that can help them to grab and achieve highest milestones in their career opportunities by providing them practical exposure with Industrial practitioners.

We have an enviable global network of faculty that supports students with their holistic learning to meet their career goals. We leverage this link to create an environment that nurtures educators and enables them to focus on research to promote out-of-the box delivery systems.

We focus on creating smarter solutions for future by bringing your learning to working on projects, starting up your own creativity and ideas to build a better world in the guidance of experienced professors.

Core Values

  • To provide students with a professional course of study that strives to meet the highest academic standards for design education
  • To ensure students make connections within and across disciplines by offering them a creative arena in which to develop necessary skills
  • To encourage students to consider design in the widest possible context while fostering a realistic understanding of their responsibility, role and potential, as professionals who will improve their community, the nation and, finally, the current and future condition of the world
  • To bridge the gap between academia and industry by providing a range of opportunities to interact with professionals in interior design and allied fields
  • To prepare well-rounded global citizens by cultivating and fostering service-learning and engagement in co-curricular activities that promote diversity, tolerance, and real-world experience

Innovation and entrepreneurship along with studies

We are IndiaIndias First University for Startup & Innovative practices. We are committed to build a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship, with all offered courses providing high levels of connectivity between researchers and businesses. This initiative is open to all branches of Swarrnim students to incubate their ideas and become Entrepreneurs.

YES, WE HAVE AN ENTREPRENEURIAL CULTURE Swarrnim students and their alumni are known for confidently launching world-class ventures. We can help them to achieve their aspirations through our values, policies, Incubation support, entrepreneurship programs, curriculum and funding opportunities - all of which equip you for success.

While strengthening the sense of academic excellence, Swarrnim Institute of Designs will provide opportunities to the students to gain Communication Skills, Personality Development, Organizational skills and Leadership qualities, Emotional Quotient and Intelligence Quotient, through co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. To hearten the skills and to embellish the study, students participate in various skill- rendering events of paper presentation, Technical quiz, design and drawing, sketching, Network game, ad mad, and Debate competitions which are conducted by various colleges during their experience in the campus.