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  • We at Swarrnim provide sufficient resources, mentoring and guidance for startups
  • Our main objective is to create budding Entrepreneurs and give platform to young Entrepreneurs to achieve their goals.
  • Our panel of experts will guide to through this process of becoming a self-driven Entrepreneur.
  • Swarrnim is giving Add-on degree with conventional study to the students
  • We motivate, connect, challenge and develop our students and graduates enterprise skills and entrepreneurial mindset.
  • We provide support to explore their entrepreneurial ambitions and help them to grow with the market trends.
  • Our experience as a startup university suggest that startup & Entrepreneur can be successful only if they have been imparted skills, converted into a Entrepreneurship with right Product/Service given marketing & strategic advice and then created a small company.

Our Startup Activities

  • Swarnim Entrepreneur of the Year
  • Design Engineering and Canvas Activity
  • Idea Generation Activity
  • Mind Mapping activity
  • Mini Market Event activity
  • Robotics activity
  • Team Building Activity

Starup Activities