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Swarrnim Incubation Center: Commencer

Commencer will incubate students, Entrepreneurs, Budding Technocrats & Companies based on ideas and technologies. In recent years, Swarrnim has been encouraging its Faculty Members, staff, research scholars and students to convert their ideas and innovations into commercial ventures for personal, institutional and social benefits. This process of translating knowledge in various disciplines of science, Architect, design, paramedical, commerce, and engineering into products, processes and services for commercial exploitation that will benefit the society by creating both job as well as wealth for the society.

We have panel of successful startup experts who will guide us through this learning process of becoming an Entrepreneur. Whether your goal is to launch your own firm, join a venture-capital backed startup, step into a business development role in a large corporate enterprise, contribute to a social enterprise or bring new innovative skills and associations to your family business, we educate students to be capable of building their professional career.