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M. Tech in Computer Engineering – Course Overview

If you want to become a problem – solver of future real-world technology problems then this course is for you. The postgraduate program Computer Science will equip you with the key skills and knowledge for you to play a vital role in the impact the future of technological advances in computer-based systems. The M. Tech in Computer Engineering helps you to further develop your knowledge and skills within the cutting-edge areas of Computer Science. The course at Swarrnim Startup and Innovation University has been designed to provide you with a blend of advanced theoretical knowledge and practical skills related to emerging technologies deployed in industry and research. The course is taught and delivered by leading researchers who are actively engaged in this rapidly changing field to ensure that you’re up to date with the latest developments. The course includes emerging areas such as Big Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Vision, Computer Security, and Cloud Computing.

Key feature:

Computational thinking is becoming increasingly pervasive and is informing our understanding of phenomena across a range of areas; from engineering and physical sciences to business and society. This aspect is reflected in the design of M. Tech in Computer Engineering program at our university. The students of Swarrnim University registered for this course will cover core units exploring themes around high-performance computing, big data, data science, advanced networks, and operating systems. The course provides opportunities for postgraduate students to develop and demonstrate knowledge, understanding, and practical skills in basic and specialised topics in computing, as well as the qualities and skills needed for group co-operation and literature search, technical presentation, and report writing. You also have the chance to join in the development of a large software project.

Career outcomes:

There is a shortage of personnel with advanced skills in the emerging and growing industries in all fields. The postgraduate program can enable students to work on multiple roles and flourish in different industries. This can be directed technology industry, related banking, and financial sector or diverse ones such as agriculture, healthcare, manufacturing, automotive, etc. As a graduate of this programme, students can build a strong foundation of the main disciplines that fall under these emerging and current areas. The kind of role you could go into includes:

  • IT Project Manager / IT Consultant / IT Programme Manager
  • Senior Software Architect / System Architect
  • Software Engineering / System Developer
  • AI Specialist / Robotics
  • IoT Specialist / Smart Device Programmer
  • Cyber Security Specialist / IT Security Consultant
  • IT Infrastructure Manager
  • Cloud Architect

Why study at Swarrnim?

Swarrnim Startup and Innovations University provides you a unique opportunity to learn through a customized program to establish yourself in the industry. Specially designed and focused approach to Innovation, startup, and placements give the student a much-needed self-confidence. Our focus is to groom a personality out of a student who can take on the life challenges as they come. When you choose Swarrnim, you choose the best M. Tech in Computer Engineering. We are the first university of India dedicated to startups and innovation. Computer Engineering is the field that always has the scope of innovation. If you wish to have your startup one day, Swarrnim University is the place where you should pursue your studies.


Bachelors Engineering degree in relevant branch with minimum 50% marks


2 Years

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