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B.Com Honours


B.Com – Course Overview

Swarrnim Startup and Innovation University is offering a Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) degree that is different from all the traditional B.Com studies provided in the number of institutions. It provides graduates with a broad-based business qualification that is invaluable in forging a career within the world of modern business that involves innovation and startups. We have revitalized the study of commerce. Swarrnim School of Business is the leading B.Com College in Gandhinagar & Ahmedabad that is providing facilities like incubation center, e-cell, knowledge of startups and innovations, etc. for B.Com graduates. The B.Com degree offers students a quality learning experience in the contemporary, dynamic and interesting field of Business with the opportunity to choose a core discipline in Strategic Management, Marketing Management, Financial Management, or Finance and Accounting. This Bachelor’s degree is designed to prepare students for the increasingly complex demands that they will face in the professional business environment. Graduates will enter the business world with solid theoretical knowledge; supported by strong problem solving, critical thinking, decision-making, and strategic skills.

The main focus of B.Com at Swarrnim is to enhance entrepreneurship, startup, and innovation skill and boost the employability set of the students.


Course Structure

Sr. No.

Subject Name






Human Resource Management



Principles of Management



Commercial Communication



Financial Accounting












Industrial Training Project – 1



Industrial Training Project - 2



Key feature

Swarrnim School of Business is proud of and passionate about shifting away from the ‘traditional lecturing’ methodology to our blended-learning strategy that involves knowledge of startup, innovation, problem-solving, decision making, etc. We are the only B.Com College in Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar doing so. This learning strategy extends learning beyond the confines of the classroom and creates opportunities for our students to work collaboratively, with peers and their educators, to construct their understanding of concepts. Student engagement is supported by the case study method. Students spend time conducting their research, study for assessments, and work on assignments and explore various startup opportunities. This student-focused approach adopted at our B.Com College in Gandhinagar & Ahmedabad compels our students to be accountable for their learning while developing the critical skills they will need to thrive in the rapidly changing 21st century work environment.

Career outcomes

The B. Com Degree will empower learners with skills and competencies necessary to function in both the private and public sector environments. This qualification will also cater to the career and economic needs of learners who are in employment and prepare learners for further post-graduate studies. This degree will open up an attractive range of career options; this degree is a perfect stepping stone to a diverse and exciting range of business-related career opportunities, depending on which core discipline you choose. Graduates from Swarrnim can expect a very resounding career at entry Managerial level after passing out the graduate level program from School of Business, Swarrnim Startup and Innovation University.

Why study at Swarrnim?

This degree gives students a highly marketable balance of knowledge, practical application, and skills. The course is designed to develop and enhance the managerial and business acumen in the students alongside promoting the entrepreneurship skills in them. This has highly influenced the end-users as well as every small and big organization, employees, and educational sectors associated with it in the last few decades. Swarrnim provides you a unique opportunity to learn through a customized program to establish yourself in the industry. Specially designed and focused approach to Innovation, startup, and placements give the student a much-needed self-confidence. Our focus is to groom the overall personality of a student who can take on the life challenges as they come. When you choose Swarrnim, you choose the best B.Com College in Ahmedabad & Gandhinagar.


12th pass with a minimum of 45% marks.


3 Years

How to Apply?

Admissions based on Personal Interview basis. Get in touch with our admission team or just click on the Apply Now button and share your basic details with us. Our team will get back to you with all the admission details

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